Everest expedition North Side

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Everest expedition North Side

Route: Normal route via Tibet side.
Date of Departure: 5th April
End of the expedition: 3rd June
Total days of expedition: 60 days max
Minimum clients: 1 pax
Maximum clients: 7 pax

The north side of Everest is from the Tibet side. Due to some avalanche and routes safety issues from south side, I choose to organize and guide the Everest dreamers from the north side. From my experience of summiting Everest 3 times from north side and 8th times from the south side, the north side is more safer and easy to climb as there is very less risk of avalanche and crevasses and only few ladder crossing. Its more rocky terrain during the summit day but still its easier than the Nepal side. I will fully participate as a team leader and guide and we provide 1:2 guide to client ratio and 1 personal climbing Sherpa each member.
For your information I organised Everest Expedition north side and we all made successful summit on 23 of May and it was 100% successful expedition with all members and Sherpas summit and returned safely to our family.

Day 01/ 06th April: Arrive in Kathmandu and collect the passport for china Tibet visa process.
Day 02/ 07th April: Wait for the visa and organize things and relax.
Day 03/ 08th April: Free day or wait for the visa.
Day 04/ 09th April: Depart to Zangmu (2350m) and over night at hotel.
Day 05/ 10th April: Drive to Nyalam (3750m). Over night at hotel.
Day 06/ 11th April: Acclimatization day at Nyalam.
Day 07/ 12th April: Drive to Thingri and over night at hotel (4300m).
Day 08/ 13th April: Acclimatization day at Thingri.
Day 09/ 14th April: Drive to Everest Base camp (5200m). Over night at tent.
Day 10/ 15th April: Rest and free at EBC
Day 11/ 16th April: Rest and acclimatization at EBC
Day 12/ 17th April: Rest and acclimatization at EBC
Day 13/ 18th April: Trek to Intermediate camp (6200m).
Day 14/ 19th April: Trek to Advance Base Camp (6500m).

Day 15-55/ 20th April-29th May: Climbing Periods.

Day 56/ 30th May: Back to Advance Base Camp and rest.
Day 57/ 31st May: Trek down to Everest Base camp.
Day 58/ 01st June: Clean Base camp and prepare the bags.
Day 59/ 02nd June: Drive to Nyalam over night at hotel.
Day 60/ 03rd June: Drive to Kathmandu, and transfer to hotel.

I organise this Everest Expedition both from the North and South Side. I and my company (TAG Nepal) partner will lead and support the expedition one each side, and we believe that by doing this the expedition members, guides and our field staffs can get huge support as any decision can be made immediately.

Also we organise the bridge course for Everest Expedition members on 7000m mountains in Nepal before we head to climb the Everest and this allow clients to get pre climbing knowledge on fix line system as well as they can test their physical ability for their up coming Everest or any other 8000m Expedition.

If you have your own private group i will be happy to help you as your local out fitter and guide with you representing your company.

Please feel free to call me or write me a email for further discussions.

What People Say

  • Tendi is one of the most amazing and talented people that I have ever met. He is an inspirational leader who successfully led our team to the summit of Everest on May 23, 2016. As a 25-year-old girl, I was one of the youngest of our group and a bit apprehensive of the enormity of our expedition, but I have to say that every step of the way I felt safe and in good hands with Tendi leading our team.

    From the moment I first was introduced to Tendi I had total trust and respect in him as a guide. His knowledge for the mountain and understanding how to communicate effectively with the different people and nationalities was remarkable. The summit is one thing but the climb down is where things can go wrong. I was very nervous for the descent but both Tendi, and my personal Sherpa Pasang calmed my nerves and assured me that we would get down safely.

    Our group had 100% summit success rate…but for Tendi success wasn’t the summit; success was getting our whole group down safely and being able to hug at advanced base camp complete with huge smiles on our faces. Tendi is a very special person that has left a huge impression on me and my life. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to climb with such man as Tendi!

  • Dear Tendi,

    I just wanted to say thank you to you one more time for this amazing experience!

    From the moment we all met in the USA I knew it was going to be a once in a lifetime journey. Your knowledge of trekking and the trials assured me we were all in great hands and I so much enjoyed learning about Nepal. Thank you for letting me pester you with all sorts of questions and teaching (Dr.) Sara and I (and the rest) some nepali and Sherpa- it was so fun!

    You are such an inspiration of a kind person who works so hard for their family.

    Your happy disposition is a pleasure to be around and always a reminder to smile :)

    I so greatly appreciate your sharing of Buddhism as well- I look forward to incorporating some practices in my own life and hope to study the philosophy more back in the States.

    Your business, trekking team, and family are all such a pleasure to be around- I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to meet them all (and I hope to see them again in the future!).

    Sara and I are excited to talk to our sorority (AST) about supporting your NGO in help of your village’s education and look forward to keeping in touch with you.

    Once more- thank you so much!

    -oh and your daughter is beautiful! I cannot wait to see her grow up to be another Ship grad :)

    All the best,

  • Tendi Sherpa is not only an amazing climbing guide, he is also an amazing friend. I first met Tendi in 2007 while climbing Everest. I was not feeling well while at camp III. Tendi and Ongdi Sherpa assisted me in reaching camp II safely. Later that night I developed severe HAPE. I credit Tendi and Ongdi for saving my life that night, and assisting me in my descent of the Khumbu Icefall, while being really sick.

    After Tendi reached the summit of Everest on May 16th 2007, he repeated an ascent with me on May 24th. I had recovered from HAPE in Namche Bazaar and was anxious to reach the summit before the monsoon came in. We climbed hard and fast. I have never met anyone with more strength and energy than Tendi Sherpa and Willie Beneges. We reached the summit of Everest 5 hours and 45 minutes after leaving camp IV then descended all the way to camp II in a single push.

    I would climb any mountain in the world with Tendi. He has become a close friend and also serves as a board member on an organization that I founded- Helping Assist Nepal’s Disabled (H.A.N.D.) Tendi has a huge heart and love for people. He is devoted to helping others in Nepal to have a better life.

    Brian smith
    Jacksonville, Oregon, USA

  • “We just summited Aconcagua, the first Nepali and the first Russian female to summit via Polish Glacier route. Tendi turned to me and said: “Now you do not need a guide to climb Aconcagua.” Ha! Tendi raised the bar!

    Thank you, dai, for bringing me closer to my aspiration of climbing unguided and unsupported; for making me a better climber and a better human being; leading me to great heights both mountains and spiritual.

    In the presence of Tendi Sherpa, one will find sound guidance, risk assessment, decision making, safety priority, and the highest level of expertise. Tendi is a true guide at heart, phenomenal climber and a beautiful human being.
    Thank you for your guidance and your friendship, Tendi!”

    Olya Lapina, entrepreneur, climber
    Sanfrancisco, USA

  • I reached the summit of Mount Everest in May 2012 and Tendi Sherpa, with his experience of 10 previous summits, was crucial in such an accomplishment.

    During my stay in the Himalayas, I asked Tendi lots of questions about his culture, religion, etc. Maybe my questions were very silly, considering I belong to the Occidental World. It´s such a different culture! But I always found Tendi ready to share all his knowledge with humility and kindness.

    I had the opportunity to meet Tendi in a two-month expedition in the Himalayas. During that time I got to know a kindhearted person who not only made me laugh with his jokes, but also had the right words in the most difficult situations I had to undergo.

    It`s amazing to see how many characteristics coexist in the same person; the innocence of a curious young man, the determination of an experienced climber, and the permanent good mood of a wise person.

    Even during the toughest moments of the expedition, there he was, with his wide smile, ready for a friendly chat.


    Hernan Carracedo
    Neuquén, Argentina

  • Tendi Sherpa was one of the leader/guides during my attempt to climb the highest point on the planet outside of the Himalayas – Aconcagua, in the Andes of Argentina, with my two sons and nephew in 2013. What a tremendous honour it was. Later that year, my daughter and I caught up with Tendi in Kathmandu, where we met his family and were shown his astonishing variety of well-kept climbing gear.

    Tendi is well-respected in the Sherpa and wider Nepalese communities, and other guides and climbers seek out his guidance. He has summited Everest with clients on multiple occasions, as well as other peaks around the world.

    His strength and perseverance, his knowledge and common sense, and his courage are legendary. His self-effacing nature, sparkling personality, politeness and sense of humour serve him well on the mountains, where things do not always go to plan.

    I would travel with him anywhere!

    From your friend

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Truly one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve met in my life…meet Tendi Sherpa. He has an aura that captivates the attention of everyone within his reach and his personality glows so bright he could light a room. 

    Tendi has 10 summits of Mt. Everest (and counting). This season, he became the first Nepali to summit Aconcagua by the Polish Glacier Direct route. Congratulations Tendi! It was great to meet you! Good luck this May :)

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